In the new Windows 10 OS, users have access to numerous new features and advantages that surpass the previous Microsoft operating systems. The main features of Windows 10 are listed below. For those who would like to learn about all the functions in detail, we recommend to read the Windows 10 user guide on our website.
Windows 10 user guide

Windows 10 review

Windows 10 turns out to be a more integrated and circumspect system than its predecessors both in appearance and concept. Microsoft implemented a unified system and universal applications that look the same on a desktop PC, on tablets or on smartphones.

System Requirements

According to the official data by Microsoft, if your PC is stable on Windows 8.1, it will also be able to run Windows 10. Nevertheless, the official source shared the following requirements:

  • Processor with a frequency of 1 GHz or higher;
  • 1 GB and 2 GB RAM for 32 and 64 bit systems, respectively;
  • No less than 16 GB of free space on the hard drive;
  • Graphics card supporting DirectX 9 with WDDM, in other words, a relatively modern video adapter.

Aside from that, one needs a Microsoft account to work with Windows 10 and stable Internet access.


In Windows 10, Microsoft fully implemented Design Language 2 (Microsoft Design Language 2) which is an extension of modern principles of the user interface of Windows Phone and Windows 8.

A few innovations are typical of the new interface of Windows 10. The main ones are the presence of several desktops and the automatic grouping of windows in four on one screen.

Windows 10

The advantages of having several desktops are obvious. One of them can be used for work, the second one for entertainment, and so on. It will be possible to move windows between desktops, which is also very convenient. To customize the desktop according to your preferences, use the Windows 10 manual or the user-friendly website search.

Groping windows in Windows 10 allows the introduction of multitasking principles in your work, to use several data sources at the same time without wasting time switching between windows.

Cortana Voice Interface in Windows 10

After Apple, Microsoft also introduces a voice interface. In particular, Cortana can be used as a secretary for sending messages via e-mail or making calls in Skype. Aside from that, Cortana analyzes user’s behavior and suggests hints and advice based on the collected data. You can find out how to work with Cortana in the Windows 10 user guide for beginners.

Microsoft Edge

Unfortunately, it’s time to say goodbye to the famous Internet Explorer. It was replaced by the Edge browser. It features new design and capabilities:

  • Now you can leave notes for yourself directly on web pages with the help of a stylus or keyboard. You can also share them with your friends.
  • Microsoft Edge browser integrates with Cortana voice interface that can give you advice or suggest actions directly on the web page, for example, to book a room in a hotel, to find the shortest route, to order a table in a restaurant.
  • Read mode: The text on a web page can be designed to look as a newspaper page.

Windows 10 manual

If you were using another browser before working with Windows 10 OS, with the help of the Windows 10 manual, you will find out how to transfer all your data to the Edge browser and customize it to suit your preferences.

Start button

Microsoft decided to meet the users’ demand and return the traditional menu. The compromise is that the menu will be separated into two parts: the list of frequently used programs will be to the left, and the applications from Windows 8 to the right.

What are the differences between the Professional and Home versions?

For an average user, the Pro version is different from Home in three valuable aspects, other than price:

  • BitLocker encryption which encrypts partitions of the hard disk and requires access password; recovery keys can be saved or printed in the cloud storage.
  • Remote Access service, which allows you to control remote PCs, set their permissions and require passwords.
  • Hyper-V Virtualization, which makes it possible to create several virtual partitions with no danger of damaging the OS.

This is just a brief overview of the capabilities offered by Windows 10 – which will be the last product in the Windows family according to the company. Learn more about Windows 10 on our website.

Windows 10 Manual PDF

Microsoft released a User Guide together with the final version of the Windows 10 OS. Since not all the users have the necessary technical knowledge, it will be useful for them to read it.

The User Guide dwells on such innovations as Cortana, Edge, Xbox streaming, and universal applications of Continuum and Windows Store, as well as improvements in system security and new methods of authorization. You can read the Windows 10 User Guide PDF here.